Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Get Rid of Eye Wrinkles - Use the Best Eye Serum Containing Eyeliss

Are your eye wrinkles bothering you too much? Do not despair because you are not the only one who is dealing with this kind of facial problem. Under eye wrinkles usually appear as a sign of aging which is inevitable to all of us. Growing old can cause lots of physical changes and these include the gradual decrease of elastin and collagen production in your body resulting in skin sagging and appearance of under eye wrinkles.

Here are some helpful tips to remove eye wrinkles:

Get enough sleep - Sleep provides your body time to rest and heal. Studies revealed that an average of 8 hours a night of sleep can add years to your life. Sleep has good effects on your skin especially the skin around your eyes. Sleep allows you skin to rejuvenate reducing facial fine lines, skin sagging, and wrinkles in the process.

Sun Exposure- Always wear protective sunglasses when going out-door - Sunglasses protect your eyes form direct hit of UV rays preventing it from acquiring damage and more wrinkles to appear.

Be gentle when you remove makeup from around your eyes - Skin around your eyes is so delicate that you have to handle it with extra care especially in applying and removing makeup. Always apply in a patting or massaging motion never rubs or pull on the skin around your eyes.

Drink at lest 8 glasses of water daily - Water hydrates your body and detoxify it as well. Water refreshes your skin and gets rid of toxins leaving it soft and smooth.

Use anti wrinkle happinesslifetime.com eye cream - A suitable anti wrinkle happinesslifetime.com eye cream is good in getting rid of www.healthy-body-and-skin.com eye wrinkles around your eyes. Use cream that is intended for the delicate skin around your eyes. Some local brands might cause harm and irritation on the area surrounding your eyes.

Eyeliss is a proven ingredient to eliminate eye wrinkles without irritating the sensitive skin around your eyes. Though you may find it expensive but its special formula helps in improving elasticity and firmness, protects eye capillaries, and enhances drainage around your eyes. Follow all the practical tips mentioned above and use suitable happinesslifetime.com eye cream that has Eyeliss and you will be happy with the result.

To prevent eye wrinkles you need to find and use the best eye serum available on the market today. Visit my website www.healthy-body-and-skin.com www.healthy-body-and-skin.com/ where I show you the best one I discovered.

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