Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hemorrhoid Cream For Reducing Eye Puffiness - Does it Really Work?

You have probably heard the rumor that hemorrhoid cream gets rid of dark circles and bags under your eyes. Maybe you even tried it.  For years, models and actresses have said that it works.  The question is, does hemorrhoid cream really reduce puffiness around your eyes?

Some have used it with success, while other people say it does not work.  The fact is, the ingredients that were in hemorrhoid cream that supposedly reduced bags under the eyes have been replaced with new ingredients.  What is now in hemorrhoid cream is phenylephrine HCI 0.25 %, which is a vasoconstrictor.  This reportedly constricts capillaries and temporarily reduces under eye puffiness.

I don't know about you, but phenylephrine HCI 0.25% doesn't sound like something I want to be putting near my eyes.  In fact, dermatologists have reported that hemorrhoid cream is not for use around the delicate eye area, and can cause severe skin irritation and allergic reactions.

With all of the effective eye creams available today, why would anyone want to use this?  There is no need to use products around your eyes that have no business being there.  The truth is, some products that claim to reduce bags and puffiness around the eye area really don't work.  But some do, and very effectively.

The products that are most effective work to plump and hydrate the skin around and under the eyes, eliminating lines.  They also contain ingredients that firm and tighten the skin, which reduce puffiness extremely well.  You can literally erase the signs of aging around the eye area by using the right products.

What are some of the ingredients you should look for?  Hyaluronic acid, acai berry, marine collagen and goji are a few of the most effective you will find.  Natural fruit and vegetable extracts work best, and results can usually be seen within just a few weeks. The great thing?  Not only can you prevent future signs of aging, you can get rid of the signs you have now.

So, does hemorrhoid cream really reduce puffiness around your eyes?  It can, but it comes at a very hazardous cost.  Why risk the chance of irritation, inflammation and possible allergic reaction when there are superb products that work so well?  You shouldn't.  Use the best, and see real results - real soon.  Your eyes are the windows to your soul, so make them beautiful with the care and products they deserve!

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